Sator Press | book buying and publishing ethics

How does Sator print books?

The manufacturers that have printed Sator titles do so under well-documented environmental standards, two of the companies that have printed Sator titles are employee-owned. All Sator titles have been manufactured in the United States of America.

How does Sator pays authors?

Sator authors have been paid either a $500, $1000, or $1500 advance. Once the advance and the printing costs of the paperback ($2000-$6500) have been recouped, Sator has paid authors royalties between 60% and 75% of gross profit from each paperback copy sold, and 80% of gross profit from each ebook copy sold. Alternately, Sator has paid authors a flat $500 royalty upon each print run (less than 1000 copies) selling out.

What’s the best way to support Sator?

Buy books directly from The second best option is to buy books from Small Press Distribution, or order a copy through your local bookstore. The third best option is to buy Sator books from Amazon. The fourth best option is to leave a review of a Sator book on Goodreads or Amazon. The fifth best option is to make a tax-deductible donation to Sator.

What does Ken do for authors?

I’ll send you a contract with easily understandable terms. I’ll pay you an advance. I’ll design the book you want to exist, then print at least 500 copies. I’ll ask people you want to blurb your book to blurb it. I’ll send PDFs to reviewers who request them. I’ll make the book easy to find and buy online. If your Sator title recoups its costs, I’ll pay your royalties on time. I’ll help you organize readings, making sure venues have copies of your book. Whenever possible, I’ll buy you nice dinners.

Finally, I have not and will not take a dollar in salary from Sator proceeds.